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Hagerty Specialty Car Insurance

Agreed Value Coverage for your Specialty Car

As one of Colorado's top Hagerty brokers, I can help ensure you get the right coverage on your weekend/nice weather car. Do you have a car that you show off proudly at your local car events? Let's chat to make sure if the worst happens, you have the appropriate coverage. Know the amount you'll get before the unthinkable happens! 1980s/1990s/2000s and even a lot of 2010+ cars qualify!

Regular Car Insurance

Coverage for all those Daily Drivers

We offer lots of coverage options for your non-specialty cars too! We have benefits like accident forgiveness, lowering deductibles and more! We offer very competitive rates and can even bundle your home policy to unlock deductible bundling!

Property Insurance

Owning or Renting...We Have You Covered!

Whether you own your home, rent an apartment/home or rent your owned property out, we can help cover it! We offer coverage for single-family homes, condos, town homes, rental units, mutli-family buildings and more...

Life Insurance

We Protect What Matters Most

We have a professional that can meet with you and your family and discuss your needs. Call us today to set a time to discuss your needs with our licensed specialist.


We Cover Those Too!

We don't stop at 2 wheels or when the pavement ends. We can cover all of your weekend toys whether that's a "bugs in your teeth" motorcycle or if you prefer to let the mud fly on a trail, call us today to get the coverage you need!


Boats, Jet Skis, Oh My!

Our coverage even floats! Before hitting the lake, call us to make sure you're not leaving a wake of destruction on the water. Most lakes in Colorado don't require insurance but if you've ever been to Chatfield on a weekend, you know why you *should* have coverage. It's more affordable than you think. Don't delay!

We have even more options so if you need insurance on something, call us and we'll be happy to discuss what we offer!

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