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Dave the Insurance Guy

My name is Dave Lowry and I'm the agent at Lowry Insurance. The Lowry family has been insuring Colorado for over 2 decades. Insurance is what I do but cars are who I am. My father raised me working on cars in the garage from a young age and that has carried with me ever since. Cars are in my DNA and I love talking about any kind and want to hear about your cars! 

As a car guy, I understand the car hobby and what it means to protect them. That's why I'm one of the top Hagerty brokers in the state. That low production car from the early 1990s....I get it. That L88 Corvette...I understand it. That 1 of 10 color combo that most people say "Yeah, but it's just a color"...I see the rarity. 

You won't have to spend 20 minutes explaining it to me but you may have to spend 20 minutes talking to me about it because I'll be so enamored by your passion and what car it's led you to. 

I always love seeing cars that I insure show up to meets so I can enjoy them even further.

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