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Don't WONDER, Know.

The idea behind this sweatshirt is to encourage active engagement with our friends. It stemmed from seeing more and more posts about suicide within local groups. The common thread seemed to be "They showed no signs" and rounded out with "if any friends ever feel down, call anytime". 

It's a great gesture and I believe most, if not not all, people would 1000% answer the phone for their friend in crisis, at any hour. However, I don't feel that most people in crisis are willing to outreach. Most have created a mask that is put on to survive life and the soft questions about how things are going. They smile and laugh and make jokes. They tell us they are fine and we just accept it and keep going about our busy lives. 

Let's change that. 

When you wear the WONDER sweatshirt, make a commitment to check in on one friend that day. Call them, listen, meet for coffee or lunch. Make sure you actually listen to what they have going on and be sure they know you hear them. Go beyond the one liner and let's see what happens.

You'll notice "the marshall effect" on one arm ( They are a local 501c3 that is commited to suicide prevention and awareness. Consider making a donation to them, if you're able. I've worked with them for several years and they are a fantastic organization. Their needs grow every day, unfortunately. 

To get a sweatshirt, attend a Castle Rock Cars and Coffee ( or stop by the office. Limited quantities and sizes available to start.

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